I have a strong relationship with Cupcake Royale, and I have the pleasure of working with the amazing products they create, including cupcakes, ice cream, and donuts. As the seasons change, the photography must help tell the story of new flavors and new ingredients. Can your mind smell the lavender in this frosting? Can your mind feel the coziness of this pumpkin cake and its warming spices? Can your mind taste the honey, ricotta, and pistachio in this ice cream? Creating evocative photography of good food is a joy to me; a way for me to show respect for our senses and our mind.

Good food is an important part of my life, as a cook, a photographer, and as an eater. Part of what I love about food photography is that it forces you to wait -- to look but not touch, not smell, not sense temperature: it heightens the sense of sight by depriving other senses. But it engages the mind and allows it to fill in the gaps by imagining the smell of a fresh baked cookie, the heat of a warm biscuit, the chilly lick of ice cream, the burst of a berry in your mouth, the gooey, the crunchy, the refreshing, the comforting.